Friday, October 8

Sweet Mila

In keeping with Inspirational Friday, I want to share a story I was sent yesterday.   The story is about a sweet little dog named Mila that was found in April under a car by passers-by in Belgrade.  Mila was a stray and had been monstrously abused by having all four of her paws cut off and she was left under the car to die.  But these random people found her and rushed her to a veterinarian who saved her life!  The vet believed that Mila was attacked and mutilated by more than one person and that she also suffered a heart attack and had pneumonia.
But after all of that, Mila is now well on her way to a full recovery and is walking around on her bandaged stumps.  The best case scenario would be that Mila is fitted for prosthetic limbs which are not available in Serbia, but a Spanish company has offered to make them.  Mila's next challenge is finding a loving home.  I don't think this will be half the challenge she just faced, especially since after all she went through she is still a sweet and loving dog.  I know if a human went through this type of trauma, it would change us to the core and we would probably never trust anyone again and go around with this chip on our shoulder.  But Mila has come through this with a great disposition.  Maybe this should be attributed to the veterinarian and his staff that saved her, they obviously showered her with love and affection as well.  
I hope Mila can give you some inspiration, if that little dog can make it through a trauma like this, we can make it through our stuff too.

For the full story, bark on the link:  Bark!