Friday, October 15

Justice For Jack

Today's "Inspirational Friday" has a bit of a sad twist, but it is too important of a story not to go with it.  The inspiration for me is the staff at Whitehall Dog Rescue in Wakefield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom who found a very emaciated dog wrapped in a blanket outside the gates of the rescue.  The dog was left sometime between 12am and 5am and died within that time before the staff could try heroic measures.  Based on the pictures taken of him after he died, the dog had not eaten in weeks if not months.  It is not known who did this, but they want to find out.  The staff named the dog Jack and then started a Facebook page, Justice For Jack, the point is to raise awareness about this type of abuse and to have stiffer penalties for owners that do this to their pets.  At the last report the Facebook page has over 20,000 members, that is a great start in raising awareness.  In addition the founder Brian Wheelhouse shared the heartbreaking story on his website and then was interviewed on BBC Radio, the media coverage is starting to slowly increase.  The more people that know about this story, the more that will get involved and that is one more step closer to getting answers for Jack and hopefully to preventing this from happening to any other animal.
You may be asking how is this inspirational?  Well, for me to see the determination of the staff  and founder for getting fed up with this and speaking out and raising awareness.  I don't know what kind of person would do this to an animal, the pictures are horrifying!  The worst I have ever seen and I hope never to see anything like them again.  I will include a link to pictures at the bottom of this blog, you can view if you wish, I would really encourage you not to.  I can't imagine being there in person to discover Jack, that is why my hat is off to this staff.  To be able to take the pictures knowing it is for the better good and to go on and start to raise awareness to try to make a change.  I know this is in the UK, but there is no reason we can't give our support.

Good luck Whitehall Dog Rescue in accomplishing your mission!

To learn more on this story and view pictures, bark on the link:  Bark!

To view the Facebook page, bark on the link:  Bark! 

For the Justice for Jack petition, bark on the link:  Bark!