Friday, October 29

Halloween Is Almost Here!

Halloween is only a couple of days away and hopefully you know what you are going to be and if you have a dog that likes to dress up, you know what they will be.  But if not, the link below has 29 great costume ideas for your dog.  I have to warn you one last time, if Halloween is not your dog's cup of tea, leave them out of your plans.  If you have a dog that doesn't like to play dress up or gets anxious about door knocks or door bells or doesn't care for a lot of people in their home, do them a favor and put them in their crate for a little while or give them a quite room to hang out in.  They will most likely sleep.
However, if you do have a dog that gets in the spirit as much as you do, have fun with it!  As a child one of our Dachshunds really didn't mind getting dressed up, so we always put her in our doll clothes, complete with bonnet.  She would look so adorable and then would sit up and just allow us to admire her.  Sammy had very little issues and was just one of those dogs that had the patience it takes to tolerate children putting barrettes on her ears and socks on her feet and would never snap or even act like she cared.  Halloween was our favorite time just for this reason.  If you have a dog like Sammy, I hope you do include them in your plans, they will love it.  Have fun and be safe!  Bark, Bark!

If you still need some costume inspiration, bark on the link:  Bark!