Tuesday, February 22

Dog Rescued From Icy Pond

Only a few short years ago I got a call from my parents telling me that they and a neighbor and a few firemen rescued two of their horses from their icy pond.  I thought that story was quite amazing and ever since I always pay special attention during the winter months because there is sure to be a few animal rescues out of frozen ponds and lakes.  This story is even more amazing because it is dealing with rescuing a 13-year-old dog.

His name is Boo and he was going to spend the weekend at "grandma's" house, in Delaware, while his owners went on a trip.  Boo ventured out around the community lake that he likes to walk around leash free.  For whatever reason on this day Boo did not stick to the solid land, he decided to go out on the thin ice. Grandma heard his barks for help and a neighbor called 911.  In no time the firemen were there and making their way through the icy lake on a rowboat and armed with axes to bust through the ice.  Boo was plucked out of the ice with no injuries.  Once he warmed up, Boo was a happy guy.  

For the full story, watch the video below.

For the original story, bark on the link:  Bark!