Thursday, February 17

Not So Helpful Dog...

Dobrin's Dog

Thank you Dogster for bringing us this funny but real story!  I am always going on and on about how amazing our dogs are and the brilliant ways they help us and even save us.  So when I read this I couldn't help but laugh, though it is not that funny, at least not for the dog's owner... the sheriff on the other hand I am sure had a good time with it.

In Oregon a man, Joe Dobrin, and his Pit Bull were driving down the road when the flashing lights of a sheriff car appeared in the review mirror.  Feeling a panic Dobrin stuffed his marijuana and hasish stash in a stock.  This looked like a fun game to Dobrin's dog and so he engaged his owner in a game of tug.  Unfortunately for Dobrin, the dog won and flung the stock out the window right in front of the sheriff.

Dobrin was charged with possession of the drugs, and his dog got high praises from law enforcement. “I wish everyone traveled with their own personal drug dog. It sure would make our job easier,” said Sherman County Sheriff Brad Lohrey.

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