Monday, February 7

Dogs In Super Bowl Commercials

Of course my favorite commercials from the big game yesterday had dogs as their stars.  To be honest I didn't see the whole game, so I guess I should say these are my favorites of what I saw.  But based on all the Facebook and Twitter updates, I don't think I missed too much.
I loved the Bud Light party with the dogs as the "staff".  I think anytime you see dogs put in human situations it is very amusing.  It also helped that all of the dogs were just adorable!

But my absolute favorite was the Pug attack from the Doritos commercial.  It is just silly and the fact that they used a pug make it even that much more funny.  Since this got a laugh out of me yesterday, I thought I would share it with you this morning.  I hope you find it entertaining and it gets your week started off on a good note.

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