Tuesday, February 1

Foster Dog Update

The last time I blogged about the foster dog I took in was right after I got him.  Then, his name was Trapper... well that has been changed, his new name is Neville.  It was a name that just seemed to fit and he has been responding to as if it had always been his.  Harry Potter fans, if you are wondering if I named him after the character in the books, you are correct.  Shy but brave, loyal and a heart of gold... it describes him perfectly.
His name is far from the only changes that have occurred for him.  Everyday he improves on something just a little more.  While on the elevator, he now stretches his nose to sniff anyone else that might be in there with us and if there is someone on the elevator when we enter, he actually will walk on.  This is a huge improvement from having to be encouraged to walk on and then hiding in the corner.
His walking is getting so much better, he walks on a loose leash about 50% of the time.  I did just start using an Easy Walk harness on him, my hands needed a break from the leash constantly pulling.  This is just an additional tool for me, but I am still doing the traditional training rather than just relying on this to do the work for me.
While we are on walks, he is becoming more curious of people and will sniff almost everyone we pass.  He is still scared of people and especially men, but it is great to see him assert himself when he feels safe.

His relationship with Adam (my boyfriend) is really starting to improve.  Adam goes on a lot of walks with him and feeds him half of the time (we hand feed him all his meals).  But Neville still is a little frightened when he opens his crate or comes home from work, though the reactions are getting less and less.
Otherwise, his personality is really starting to come out.  He likes to initiate play with both Adam by jumping into our laps and licking our faces and loves to chew on his bones.  My cat, Cowboy, is starting to enjoy playing with him, I see him initiate these little chase games all the time.  I have yet to snap a picture because the interactions are either too quick or they are moving too fast.
All in all, Neville is doing so good.  I can't believe that tomorrow marks 2 weeks that I have had him in my life.  With every progress I celebrate it like it is the most amazing thing in the world, but to me it is.  He is working so hard and the work has only began.  It is almost as if he knows I was brought into his life to help him, he just trusts me.  

As Neville continues to improve, I will keep you all updated on his progress.

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