Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I published all the cool things to do Downtown last week, so I hope you got your reservations in or at least were able to plan out your perfect evening no matter if you have a date or doing it up single style.  There is a lot to do and many ways to have fun, but today I want to focus on giving you ideas on how to really feel the love.  

I have quite a few single friends and this day seems to bring the worst feelings out about love or being in love.  For myself and other friends in a relationship we see it as a made up holiday.  Then I have a small group of friends that think today is the greatest and can't wait to do the whole thing flowers, dinner, romance... the works.  But no matter what your view of Valentine's Day, there is one universal way to feel like you are giving love and you will certainly feel that love returned.  Help a shelter, rescue or pet in need.

That is right, if you want to really celebrate today, take on a Valentine that will always appreciate and love you, a special pet in your life.  There are so many pets that need our help, and between us all, we can.  Adopt or foster a pet from a local shelter or rescue, give a donation to a worthy pet cause, or volunteer at a rescue or shelter.  You could even just go visit a shelter to give some special love to the pets that so need it.

If you need some help on figuring out where to go or how to help, I have put together some ideas below:

1.  Contact my pals at the Mutt Scouts', they always need help and the work they do is amazing!  The Mutt Scouts'
2.  Donate to help the needy pets in Egypt, this article will tell you everything you need to know. Egypt's Pets
3.  Send a virtual Valentine's card that will help pets in need.  Best Friends
4.  Contact your local shelter to help in any way you can.  Volunteer

If you have a pet at home, don't forget to give them a kiss and hug today.  Spend some extra time loving them and if you can swing it, check out Pussy & Pooch (213-438-0900) for their Valentine Spa Treatment.

Happy Valentine's Day, make it a good one.