Tuesday, March 8

Listening To Your Dog

Over the weekend I learned some unfortunate news.  A dog that I have known and loved for quite some time has been diagnosed with cancer.  I am not going to disclose the name of the dog or family, I am sure they would rather face this in private.  You may then ask why I am blogging about it at all?  The reason is because the other dog in the household told the owner long before there was even a sign to check out at the vet.

Apparently two months ago the second dog in the household started to avoid our sweet guy.  The owners couldn't figure out why.  As time when on he started to become ill and they went to the vet and he was diagnosed at that time.  Of course in hind sight it is easy to piece together everything, but how could you in the moment?  The lesson I think for everyone is to listen to what your dogs are telling you.  They talk to us everyday in multiple ways, we just have to listen.  I realize this is easier said than done in our busy lives, but try to stop and observe what they might be saying, you never know what they could know that you don't.

I know that all the positive energy in the world cannot heal this dear dog, but we can all will him to be comfortable and happy for his remaining days.  So I ask everyone that reads this blog send some good energy towards this dog.  He really is a sweet and amazing guy with such personality and love.

I wish you well my dear friend.