Tuesday, March 15

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

I think we have all seen the videos and pictures at this point of what is happening in Japan.  With the death toll continuing to rise and the search for the missing continuing, it made sense that the search and rescue dogs would be called in.  The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation arrived yesterday with 6 teams ready to help.

These dogs are special, every dog in the program is a rescue themselves.  The Nation Disaster Search Dog Foundation is based out Ojai, CA and the organization was founded in 1996.  There are currently 74 SDF-trained teams around the US.  These dogs are trained to use their senses to search out all signs of life and then communicate their find to their handler.

The six teams that arrived in Japan yesterday were making their way to Ofunato City and they are ready to get to work.  “All rescue personnel will be awaiting a ‘Bark Alert’ from the dogs, letting them know there is someone in need of rescue. Everything the teams have learned during their intensive training will be put to use in saving lives,” says Janet Reineck, of the Search Dog Foundation.

My thoughts are with these dogs and handlers that  they can stay safe and find lots of people!

To learn more about the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, bark on the link: Bark!

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To donate to Heart Tokushima Animal and the Japan Animal Earthquake Rescue and Support, bark on the link:  Bark!