Friday, March 18

Trainer Saves Dog With CPR

If there was ever a video to demonstrate why every person that works with or owns an animal should know pet CPR, this is it.  When I got my Pet CPR certification, I remember feeling so much more confident that in the moment of an emergency I would know what to do.  Beyond that, because I would be focused on helping the animal, I would not freak out emotionally.  I think that point for owners is a huge one.  We can actually do more harm than good when we get so emotional about our pets and especially in a moment of crisis or trauma, they are going to look to us to be strong and take care of them.  If we show we cannot, that is extra anxiety we are putting onto them.
In the video below you will hear the owner really loose it, you can hear at the end of the video the trainer and person videoing say you did great.  But I don't think she did, she really had no idea how to help her dog and she is very lucky the trainer was able to spring into action to help her.  To her credit, she did pull it together and I can only imagine how devastating it would be to watch your dog drop to the ground and stop breathing.  If there was a reason to freak out, that is it.

The video picks up with the dog on the ground not breathing.  Apparently, during a regular training session the dog suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing.  The trainer is Ron Pace owner of Canyon Crest K9 Training Center in Seattle, WA, where he has dedicated his life to training diabetic alert dogs to alert their owners to dangerous blood sugar levels.  I hope this video will inspire you all to get certified if you are not and if you are, keep it up.

For information on Pet CPR training, bark on the link:  Bark!