Thursday, March 3

There Is A Dog In My Fridge And He Won't Get Out!

In Yuma, AZ a little black Terrier surprised a family by rushing into their home as they opened their front door.  The family tried to get the dog out, but he started snapping at them.  They opened the refrigerator door to get something out to lure the dog out of the house and that is when he jumped inside!  

The family did not know what to do since the dog continued to snap.  So, they called 911.  The Firefighters showed up, put on their protective gear and endured the dogs bites long enough to get him out of the refrigerator and into a carrier.  The dog was then reunited with his owner who had reported him missing earlier.  

At least this story has a happy ending, no matter how bizarre it is.

To read the original story, bark on the link:  Bark!