Thursday, May 12

Art Walk

Tonight is another Art Walk.  By this afternoon you will be able to feel it in the air and the festivities will begin.  By this evening the trucks will be out, the studios will be open and the sidewalks will start to fill.  This is a perfect place to meet up with your friends for a fun night out in Downtown.

The friends that should be left at home are your four-legged ones.  Though Art Walk is a lot of fun for many, many people, it is a nightmare and can be extremely scary for dogs.  The sidewalks become so crowded by 9pm, that even for an adult human it is hard to walk anywhere and not get your feet stepped on.  Don't expose your dog to this.  Unless of course you have a dog you can carry, and then I think you could keep them safe.

The later it gets, the more the bars are the focus rather than the art studios and that is when it is most dangerous for your dogs.  So if you go and enjoy Art Walk tonight, leave your pooch at home.  When it is time for their night walk, do yourself and your dog a favor and don't go down Spring from 7th - 4th.  Find a different place to walk to keep them happy and safe.

Enjoy Art Walk tonight, especially the trucks... I know I will!

For some ideas on where to walk your dog, bark on the link:  Bark!