Thursday, May 26

Last Remaining Seats Fun!

I finally got to go to The Last Remaining Seats last night.  It was opening night for the series, we were at the Orpheum to see Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock.  I love the Orpheum anyway, but to walk in to the Mighty Wurlitzer organ playing, the anticipation of a great movie in the air and the general vibe of excitement to be using a historical theatre the way it was meant to be used was amazing.  

I know, it seems a little silly to be so excited over an old movie, but I had never seen it and to get to see Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly on the big screen is really a dream come true.  Who gets to do that this day and age? Leonard Maltin hosted the evening, his wit and charm was a great way to kick off the night and gave a great review of what we could expect from the movie and wonderful facts about the set, the making of the movie and the background of Hitchcock's style.

I laughed, was filled with suspense and got lost is the amazing acting skills of Jimmy Stewart and the absolute sight of perfection that is Grace Kelly.  I generally was delighted to sit in the 85 year old theatre and see a great restored classic movie.

I highly recommend two things.  One, go see one of the remaining movies during this run of The Last Remaining Seats, next on my list is Sunset Boulevard on the 100th Celebration of the Palace Theatre.  Two, join the Los Angeles Conservancy!  The work they do is amazing and what they give and preserve for our great city is both admirable and so important.

To get your tickets today, bark on the link:  Bark!