Monday, May 2

Dogs Using Their Noses

I have been involved with a sport called Fun Nosework for about 3 + years now.  I fell in love with it from the first time I saw how it worked.  Watching a dog use their nose in the way that only they can is a pretty amazing thing.  As I have told you all before, the sport really encourages shy or fearful dogs to come out of their shell and aggressive dogs to focus and be able to deal with the trigger that provokes the aggression.  It is a wonderful sport.  But the principals of the sport and how to teach it were based on bomb detection dogs.  So, knowing this, every time I see a working dog doing their thing, in an airport or on the subway, I tend to watch in awe.

A friend of mine that knows this fascination and shares it, sent me this video.  I think it is amazing to  see the dedication of not just the dogs but the men and women that work with these amazing 4-legged soldiers. This video is specifically about our military working dogs and work they do.  Enjoy.

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