Tuesday, July 26

5th Annual Dog Day Afternoon

Downtowner's what will you be doing between 6pm - 9pm tonight?  If your answer is nothing, change it to coming to Dog Day!  The Downtown dog event of the year is here.  Bark & Clark will be there at our booth talking about dog safety, training and the best way to love your pooch.  We will also be launching something exciting, but you have to be there to find out what it will be! (...or read this blog tomorrow)

If you are wondering what on earth Dog Day is, it is really simple.  Most every dog business/ pet business in Downtown and surrounding areas come together in the courtyard of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.  We talk to people and their dogs and give out really cool samples, take aways and coupons.  It is a doggie paradise with all the love and attention they get and an owners dream because is tires them out and you score major swag.

All in all the evening is a lot of fun!  You must however RSVP, but the good thing is, it is not too late.  RSVP today by barking on the link:  BARK!

Hope to see you there!