Monday, July 11

Dogs Can Get Sunburned Too!

Even though it may be overcast this week, the sun is still up in the sky and can still do damage.  I've focused a lot on heat, but what I haven't talked about is the actual sun and the damage it can do to your dog.  Yes, just like humans, your dog can get sunburned.  Especially if you have a dog that has little or no fur, light (or white) fur, and all dogs are sensitive on their bellies, inner thighs and nose.  I found an informative little blurb on the newsletter that goes over the best practices to keep your dog safe from sunburn.  Enjoy the read.

Dogs absolutely CAN get sunburned just like we can. There are certain areas on animals that are most sensitive to the sun. Dogs that like to sun their bellies, inner thighs, or any other areas that don't have a lot of hair can get burned. Even dogs that have light colored noses can get sunburns. Hairless dogs, like Chinese Crested can get sunburns all over their bodies!

If you are going to let your dog lie out in the sun you should definitely apply a sun block. There are sunscreens created just for pets and are available in any pet store.
Be sure not to use a human sunscreen if you think your pet may lick it since some ingredients, like zinc oxide which is contained in human ointments, can be toxic. Licking zinc oxide can cause nausea, diarrhea and even anemia. Sunscreens made specifically for pets do not contain zinc oxide and are safe. Some popular brands of pet sunscreen are Doggles, NutriVet, and Vet’s Best.
Remember that sunscreen must be reapplied after many hours in the sun. It's also probably best not to let your dog lie outside in the direct afternoon sun.

I hope this has given you some helpful information that will keep your dogs safe and happy.
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