Monday, April 16

Acupuncture For Neville

Today was the start of something new for Neville, acupuncture!  There are a lot of different thoughts and feelings out there about this treatment, but I have an open mind, especially where treating Neville for his fear and anxiety is concerned.  So when my veterinarian informed me that she was beginning to  perform acupuncture treatments for her patients, it took no time for me to say "yes, please"!

The day started just as everyday does with us, a long walk in the morning and breakfast to follow.  But I was a little more nervous today than any other day, I'm sure Neville noticed.  But by 10am, my nerves were gone and I was sitting in the waiting room of the vet's office trying to calm my sweet guy down.  After a consult and a check up, we were ready to start.  At this point I think Neville was the only nervous one, I was filled with hope that he would get some relief.

As each needle went in, you could see his eyes get heavy and his body relax.  His overwhelming need to get to a hiding place however, did not go away, so I did hold him for most of this.  But our vet went slow and steady and did not push him into anything.  She tried very hard to get him to lay on a comfy bed, but Neville much preferred the floor.  Once the needles were set, Neville was obviously in need of a nap.  So while the needles soaked, Neville laid on the floor and dosed in and out of a nap.  He looked so peaceful!  I sang to him and talked to him so he would know I was there the whole time, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have cared if I did leave.

Before I knew it, time was up and we were ready to take the needles out.  This was quick and easy and Neville seemed to not mind at all.  And then is cuddled with Dr. O'Dwyer and let her give him kisses.  These are things he NEVER does!  He remained relaxed and almost in a sleep state for the next 10+ minutes.

Once I got his harness out, he knew we were going home but his normal shaking did not start.  I figured that we would have until we got home to Downtown before that would start again, or at least I had hoped.  But I was mistaken, even walking through Downtown to get from the parking lot to the apartment did not bring back his shaking fully, it was barely there! This is the first time I have ever walked him with and not seen him shake so bad it looks like he is freezing cold.

I don't know how long this will last for him.  I don't know that he will like it the next time we do it.  But I do know I found something that helps him relax.  I found something that is worth the time and effort to explore to see how this might change this dog that everyone else had given up on.  He is my sweet Neville no matter what the outcome and wouldn't change him a bit, but if this can give him some relief from worry and stress, I will continue for as long as I have too.

For more information on Dr. O'Dwyer and her services, bark on the link:  BARK!