Wednesday, April 18

A Loyal Friend

I'm sure you have all seen this story on the news by now, I have been following it as the tale unfolds, one dog laying beside her fallen friend in the middle of a busy street.  The image of the two dogs is extremely moving and sad.  The word loyalty could not be better illustrated than this image.

Below is the video that was taken by a good Samaritan that had also set up traffic cones to prevent "Grace" (as the rescuers named her) from being hit and her friend from being hit again.  He also called animal authorizes to come and help the two dogs.

After this story broke and "Grace" was taken in by Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control shelter in Baldwin Park, her owners finally came forward to claim her.  "Grace" is actually Maggie.  It took a few days for them to find her,  but she was not micro chipped, wore no identification and was not spayed, so it made it impossible for the shelter to contact the owners.

Apparently Maggie had been missing for a few days and the owners were searching everywhere for her, including the very shelter that ended up receiving her before she got there.  Today, the family will take Maggie home, pending a home inspection.

As for her fallen friend, still no one has claimed her. 

If there is a message that we all can take away, please get your dogs micro chipped or at the very least make them wear I.D. tags and of course, get your pets spayed or neutered.