Thursday, April 12

RuPaul's Drag Race Goes To The Dogs!

You will find me watching RuPaul's Drag Race every Monday night, but this past Monday I was even more excited than normal to see not just my favorite Drag Queens, but dogs to inspire them for this challenge!

All four of the dogs seemed pretty well behaved, except for the big Blood Hound that was rather excited by his Drag Queen.  Nothing cuter or funner to me than seeing a big Blood Hound jumping and excited.

The runway fashion that came out of this challenge was great and fun.  The last look, they all modeled with the dog on the runway, it was fun to see how each dog inspired the look.  Some hit the mark and sadly, some did not.

I was thrilled to see the last minute add in for the challenge, a dog inspired musical number!  Imagine Cats, but with dogs!  So cute and so creative.

My favorite was Ms. Sharon Needles, she had a Standard Poodle and worked some boots that you would have though she used the dog's fur on. She was also the judges favorite, as she won the challenge!

It was a very fun, if you have a chance to watch, not only is this a great show you will see some fun dogs too!  At least on this episode...