Monday, April 23

Visit To The Snow

Yesterday I promised my dog he would finally see snow and I was able to keep my promise!  We got a late start, as I had to work for the better part of the day, but luckily we only had to drive for about an hour and half before I found some suitable snow.  I was so focused on getting my dog to the snow, I didn't really pay attention to the hike I just signed me, my boyfriend and our friend up for.  The dogs (Neville and one of his best friend's Zoe) had no problem with this hike, but for the humans, going almost straight up the side of a mountain is not ideal with no walking stick and appropriate shoes... but anything for our dogs, right?!

It was so much fun!  Watching them chase each other through the snow, stopping only to grab a bite of it here and there.  They climbed on top of the rocks and jumped over huge fallen trees.  It was well worth the effort we but forth.  And what a beautiful way to celebrate Earth Day!

When it was time to leave, like the teenager he is, Neville whined and cried to stay longer.  He was having too much fun for it to be over.  But as we drove away it took about 3 minutes before he curled up in the back seat and was sound to sleep for the rest of the ride home.  Leaving me and my boyfriend to enjoy the amazing views of the sun starting to set as we drove down the mountain.

Such a beautiful and fun day.