Friday, April 8

CicLAvia Returns!

Happy Friday everyone!  The weekend is here and the weather should be good by Sunday.  Which is a very good thing because CicLAvia is returning!!  I remember last year waking up to no sounds below.  Many streets are closed to cars so all you could hear was the whooshing of bike tires, no buses, cars, motorcycles or sirens.  It was a very relaxing and peaceful cup of coffee that morning.  But this Sunday I will not be so lucky, I will be having to figure out which streets to take to get to work.

So, here is a warning, if you are like me and have to find your way somewhere on Sunday anytime between early morning hours to about 4pm or 5pm, make sure you check out the map that is linked below for the road closures.  The amazing part of this event is they do leave crossing points open for cars, so it is really not that bad.  

For all of you that have Sunday open, you should come and enjoy this fantastic FREE event.  If you have a bike, ride it along the route or just come and walk it, it is a blast.  The sense of community is great, but just seeing all the cool bikes and double bikes, tricycles and unicycles is so much fun.  Then there are the food trucks to stop and get a bite to eat.  Or drop in at my friend's shop Express News on Main between 1st and 2nd for a drink or snack.  CicLAvia will begin at 10am and run til 3pm, but last year it seemed to last a bit longer.  

I am so happy to see this event return!  It is completely friendly to everyone, so come on bike, on foot, or even bring your dog.  It is a great event for the whole family, a group of friends or just you.

For more information on CicLAvia, bark on the link:  Bark!

For information on the road closures, bark on the link: Bark!