Monday, April 4

Goodbye To My K-9 Friend...

This weekend was filled with stressful situations, chaos and lots of work.  But everything came to a pause yesterday when I was notified about a K-9 friend of mine loosing his battle with cancer way too young.  You all have seen him on my website, his name is Bomber and was one of  the cutest Basset Hound you have ever seen.  He was full of love and sweetness and touched my life by just simply existing in the world.

I remember the first time I dog sat for Bomber, his parents warned me that when he was tired he would growl (not in a mean way at all) and get vocal about being woken up, but of course would not bite.  This is probably one of my favorite traits of Bomber's!  It was the cutest thing!  He would fall asleep before his last potty of the night, I would wake his up and immediately he would growl and get up and growl all the way down the hall and out the door.  He sounded like an old grumpy man.  Extremely cute!

I have many snuggle memories of Bomber.  He was never one to climb up on the couch beside me or sleep in bed with me, but I would get on the floor with him and love on him and snuggle.   I also loved to get him to play, you could almost see a puppy still inside him.
Bomber, I will miss you dearly!  Thank you for all your love you gave to us and all the many kisses I got to enjoy.  I will remember you always.  Rest in peace my friend.