Thursday, April 14

The Happiest Hello

I don't know that there is a better feeling in the world than coming home to your dog or puppy saying hello to you in their special way.  Of course, this intensifies the longer you are away.  I am already thinking of my return to my guy for my up coming weekend trip.  (Though he will probably prefer me to go away since he will be on a vacation himself at his uncle's and cousin's house.)  But can you imagine being away for a whole year?  

Well, I was sent this amazing video by a friend yesterday, that captures a very special and tender moment for a solider returning home after a year in Afghanistan.  The reunion between the solider and her dog is very sweet and real.  You can see how excited the dog is to see her mommy, it is very dear.  I just kept thinking what a wonderful way to welcomed home from something that had to be hell.

Once again, get the tissues ready and enjoy the video.

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