Thursday, April 7

Pooch Parade Perfection

The Ring'n Spring Pooch Parade was a smash last night! We sang, we danced and we even got some pooch smooches.  It was a wonderful group of people who were ready to have fun with their dogs.  But the stars of the night were by far the dogs.  They were a great group!  They were able to handle every exercise I threw their way, at one point I asked if someone could make their dog misbehave just so I could have an example!  Don't worry, you will all have a chance to view it as the whole walk was videoed by David Rapka and he caught every moment.

All the human participants were most wowed by the gift bags from Pussy & Pooch!  Their favorite part was the $3 nail trim coupon, though they really loved every item in the bag.  I think they got more excited with each item they pulled out... I know their dogs were certainly interested in the treats.

At the end of the night we were wooed by the amazing staff, service and dog friend patio at Big Wangs.  It was a perfect night to be in the night air surrounded by heaters and that beautiful fire pit in the center of the patio.  Our dogs were treated like royalty being served water and treated to lots of belly rubs, kisses and pats on the head.

Overall the night was a success.  I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the participants, David Rapka, Pussy & Pooch and Big Wangs.

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