Tuesday, April 12

Neville News

Yesterday was one of the happiest days I have had in quite some time.  I signed the adoption papers from Mutt Scouts for Neville, so it is official, he is now a part of our family.  It sounds so silly, he was already a part of our family, but now it is binding by a contract and no one can take him away from us.  His safe, happy home is secure and is officially his forever home.

You all may have noticed that I quit writing about Neville.  I did this because there were people learning of his progress that I quite frankly did not wish to inform.  But now that the contracts are signed and Neville is really ours, I am ready to share his progress once more.  So, I will be introducing next week a new blog segment, Neville's Notes.  These blogs will be from Neville himself, everything from his perspective, his voice, but with the same topic as the rest of my blog.  He will talk about dogs, Downtown and everything to do with his training.  I will debut this next week sometime, so stay tuned, you don't want to miss what he will have to say.

Until then, I am going to continue to enjoy my little boy! We are so happy it is all official, I can't express the stress of thinking that someone could come along and take him from us.  He is such a special guy and the progress he has made is really unbelievable.  Everyone keeps saying he is a lucky dog, but I feel like I am the lucky one.  I have this amazing being that teaches me about life, myself and dogs everyday.  I love my Neville more than I can say and I am so happy he is now ours.

For information on adopting from the Mutt Scouts, bark on the link:  Bark!