Thursday, April 21

Recycling Furniture For Your Pets

Spring is here and with the change in weather also comes spring cleaning and if you are like me a little bit of redecorating!  In the spirit of decorating your home, I found a couple of great ideas on what to do with old furniture or even luggage.  Both of these work well for cats or smaller sized dogs.  For the bigger pets, just use bigger furniture!

We all know how expensive it can be to replace even an end table and it is almost as expensive to by a good nook or bed for your dog.  Dogster brought us a story earlier this week on turning an ugly end table into a beautiful dog nook / end table!   It is really simple to do, just remove the door and all hardware, paint it your desired color (probably a few coats) and then put a dog bed inside.  You could also make your own bed by getting some cotton fabric and eco-friendly stuffing and construct it to the size you need and then sew.  Not only will you save money, you are being good to the earth!  Look at how fabulous it looks! 

The next idea I found through a friend of mine that is an Organizing Consultant.  This one make so much sense, especially for cats.  Those of you that own cats will understand!  The first thing my cat does the minute I get my luggage out is climb inside, so the notion to turn old (nice looking) luggage into a hip cat bed is a natural conclusion.  This is a really simple process as well.  

Make sure the luggage you are using has a hard plastic casing, remove one side and all the hardware (leave the handle), attach four legs, insert bed and show your cat his new bed!  Again, rather than buying a bed, you could make your own eco-friendly one.  Here is an example of the finished product.

I found both of these to be amazing ideas that are cute and can be stylish.  Anytime I can be good to the earth, frugal and creative, I am into it.  The best part is your pets will be very happy with you.

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