Wednesday, April 6

Dogs Having Spiritual Experiences

Do you think it is possible for dogs to have spiritual experiences?  I think this is just as likely as it is for humans to have these experiences.  Why not?  Dogs after all have heighten sensitivity to sounds and smells, it would make sense that they would pick up on things that we may not.  I found a blog on Dogster that discusses this very subject.  

The blog is based on an article in Daily Dog about dogs being able to have spiritual experiences.  Researchers and scientist discuss how dogs may be able to have these experiences and what part of the brain it effects and what the experience may be.

It is an interesting article and it certainly makes someone like me that lives in an old building stop and wonder what exactly my dog might be reacting to when his ears perk up.  I would like to see the same research for cats, maybe I would have a better idea of what my cat is starring at in the corner on the ceiling.  

To view the article, bark on the link:  Bark!