Friday, January 6

Happy Friday!

I know I usually do something fun on Friday's, but I thought I would just do something heartwarming and happy.  As I prepare to leave for the weekend, leaving my dog and cat behind, I am already thinking about the reunion that will occur when I return.  Of course, the excited jumping, licking of faces, wagging of tail will all be provided by my dog, as my cat will most likely just raise his head from the nap he will no doubt be in the middle of when we return.  If I am lucky he will get up and rub up against me.

No matter what the greeting is, I think any pet owner will agree the best part of coming home, from a day out or a few days away, is the greeting from your pets and that amazing unconditional love.  I was going to string a few of my favorite videos together, but I think this compilation of reunions that the Welcome Home Blog did for Veteran's day is pretty good.  It certainly has a few of my favorites in there.  This is the only time you will hear this trainer giggling and enjoying seeing this many large dogs jump on their owners!  Enjoy!

Don't forget to hug and kiss your pooch this weekend and do something fun!