Monday, June 11

3 Hot Tips To Beat The Heat

Though it is June Gloom, the temperature is continuing to rise and the summer heat will be here full time before you know it.  Are you ready to keep your dog cool?  Below are some quick tips on how to keep your pooch cool while you enjoy the heat.

1.  Cooling Accessories!  Not only will your dog look hot, they will be cool!  A cooling vest or bandana are always helpful ways to keep your dog cool while going on hikes or even a day in the park.  The sun and the heated path or park will warm your pooch up quickly along with the physical activity, the vest or bandana will help them beat the heat.  Don't forget to give water and resting breaks in the shade as well.

Cooling Vest

Cooling Bandana     

2.  Pool Time!  On a hot day there is nothing better than getting into some refreshing water, so make your dogs dream come true and get them there very own kiddie pool!  No matter if you have a back yard or you drag it to a park, this is the perfect lounge for your dog.  You only need put about 3-6 inches for your dog to have fun... make sure you supervise them!

This can be a solution for those of you that leave your dog in the back yard for the day.  Make sure the pool only has 2-3 inches, it doesn't take much to cool them off and you don't want your pooch to drown.  The pool should also be set up in the shade and your dog should have a dry place in the shade as well and separate drinking water. 

3.  ICE CREAM!!!  This is my favorite way to beat the heat on any day and my dog's!  I am not talking about any ice cream... DOGGIE ICE CREAM!  It is a chance for you and your dog to enjoy almost the same treat and cool down at the same time.  Frosty Paws is the most well known doggie ice cream, but there are all kinds out there and even a doggie ice cream truck!  With any treat this should be served in moderation. 

These are just 3 of many tips I will be giving out as it heats up.  The most important thing you can do is keep your pooch HYDRATED.  Also remember that if you are doing any activity with your dog, give them breaks regularly in the shade and NO DOG SHOULD BE FORCED TO STAY IN DIRECT SUN for extended amounts of time.

Have a question, concern or comment?  Give me a bark!  BARK!