Friday, June 22

Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day!

I hope you all have jobs that are participating in Take Your Dog To Work Day!  If you are lucky enough to get to bring your 4-legged companion to work today or any other day for that matter, I am sure your stress will be much lower.

To help you have a great day with your dog here is a little blurb from with a link to one of their earlier articles outlining how to have a dog friendly work environment.  I hope this helps you!
Dogs in the workplace are a growing phenomenon, and it’s not surprising — we know firsthand the many benefits of allowing our trusted companions on the job. According to studies, dogs lower stress levels, build morale and act as a social bridge among both staff and customers. It’s a incalculable benefit to employees, and costs companies nothing. And who doesn’t enjoy a belly rub or game of fetch after a long meeting … In preparation for “Take Your Dog to Work Day” on June 22, see these tips in introducing dogs to your workplace. Plus, find out our picks for the most dog-friendly companies in the land.
 I hope these are helpful tips for you today and maybe ongoing into the future.  I know first hand, working with your dog at your side keeps you in a positive and happy mind set.  Even in the most stressful of moments, having my dog at my side reminds me that life isn't that serious, sometimes you have to chase a fly or run for a Frisbee, but it will all be okay.

I hope you have a great Friday and weekend.  Don't forget to do something special with your dog!