Monday, June 25

More Tips To Beat The Heat!

As the marine layer burns off quicker and quicker, the temperature outside will rise more and more and this is when we need to be vigilant with our dogs and how we take care of them in the heat.  Many people think this means to keep them inside out of the heat all together, and where there are dogs that may require that do to illness or age, for the most part that is not necessary.  Below are a few more quick tips that can make your average day out with your pooch safe and enjoyable.

1.  Walks!  Just because it is hot outside doesn't mean your dog shouldn't go for their normal walks, but it may be a good idea to adjust when and how your go.  Try to make the longer walks in the morning before it gets too warm and in the evening as it starts to cool.  If you do need to break your dog in the afternoon (which most of us do), make the walk about pottying, not intense exercise and be sure to try to keep your dog in the shady side of the sidewalk.

If you have a puppy, senior dog or a dog that is sensitive to the heat for other reasons, you may consider playing with your dog inside and only going outside in the heat of the day for a potty break.

2.  Water!  In intense heat and especially on the concrete of the city, it is good to stop about every 15 minutes to offer water.  Adult dogs and dogs that are accustom to this weather are usually good for about the first 25 - 30 minutes of normal walking before they need water.  However, if it is really hot or you are doing rigorous activity, make sure to offer water every 15 minutes or more based on your individual dog.  Remember, as the heat rises your dog will need more water.

3.  Paws!  Watch out for your dogs paw pads.  This hot concrete and blacktop can burn your dog's pads.  Typically you do not see this in adult dogs, but if they are new to this environment or young (puppy or young adult) their pads may be sensitive to the ground.  Try to keep your dog in the shade, especially as you stop at lights. 

If your dog or pup is sensitive to the heated sidewalks and appears to have problems walking on it or is in pain walking on it, you should get doggie booties or pad wax to help protect their pads.

I hope these tips and all that have come before them help you have a fun and safe summer.

If you have a specific question or comment, give us a bark!  BARK!