Friday, June 29

4th Of July Safety For Your Dog

The weekend is here and so is the beginning of July.  Though the 4th is not until Wednesday, it is likely that there will be lots of pre 4th of July parties and fireworks this weekend.  Hopefully, your dog is easy going and could care less about the sound of explosions in the sky.  But if he isn't, below are some safety tips on what you can do to keep him safe and comfortable.  I also have a few just general safety tips to keep any dog safe.

For fearful or sound sensitive dogs:

1.  Create a safe place in your home.  For dogs that are crate trained, if the crate is by or close to a window, move the crate to an inner room, so the sound is not as loud and keep your dog in the crate for the duration of the fireworks.  If your dog is not crate trained, all your dog to go under the bed, in your closet, in the bathroom, or any smaller space they feel safe and protected. 

If you are home with your dog, don't forget to check on him and spend time with him throughout the night.  You being there talking to him will give comfort.

2.  I know the temperature is rising, but shut your windows and turn on the air if possible.  Keeping your house closed up will not only help keep the sound down, it will keep the smell out.  Depending on how close the fireworks are, some dogs react to the smell as well as the sound.

3.  If your dog is severely scared of the sounds or extremely sensitive to the sound, you may want to put your dog on a veterinarian prescribed sedative or herbal or natural remedy to keep him calm.   Any medication or herbal or natural treatment should be discussed with your veterinarian to make sure it is the right choice for your dog.

4.  Exercise your dog the day of the fireworks.  Make sure you do an extra long walk or run (at a safe time of day) the day or evening before the fireworks.  Depleting your dog's energy will help keep them calm.

*Note: If you use any type of treatment for fear issues such as a Thundershirt, Calming cap, Calming wrap, etc., you should use that along with keeping your dog in a safe area.

General Safety Tips For Dogs and Fireworks

1.  Never shoot the firework at your dog.  Even sparklers can cause injury, so watch out for your pooch when you are twirling them around having fun.

2.  If you are at a fireworks show or you have some at your home, dogs should be leashed and a safe distance away from the fireworks.  The best practice is to have your dog in your house if you are having fireworks at home.

3.  Keep the fireworks, both before and after use, out of the reach of your dog.  Especially for young dogs or pups, these could look like fun toys.

I hope these tips help you have a fun and safe 4th of July celebration.

Happy Weekend!  Don't forget to do something special with your dog.