Friday, August 31

Happy Labor Day!

This Monday is Labor Day, which means for a lot of you,  a three day weekend!  I want to remind you all of a few tips to make sure your dogs enjoy this holiday as much as you do.

Having a party or bbq?  Don't forget your dog!  Keep your dog's needs in mind as you plan your party or bbq.
  • If you have a fearful or shy dog, make sure he has a place to go that is safe and away from the people.
  • If your dog doesn't get along with other dogs, be sure to ask your guests not to bring their dogs.
  • Assuming your dog is well socialized and has no dog or people issues, make sure when your guests arrive (both human and K9) that your dog is allowed to greet them and welcome them into the home.  For your K9 guests, if they have not been to your home before, be sure to greet them on the street with your dog and walk into the home together.
  • Protect the food, especially on the grill.  Be sure that your dog or your guests dog's don't help themselves to all the delicious food.  Besides loosing out on what they eat, it can be harmful to them, especially if they try to take it directly off the grill.

Going to a party or bbq? Be careful not to stay gone too long, your dog needs attention too.
  • If you have a patio, balcony or yard, be sure your dog can access it to use the bathroom if you are going to be gone all day or over 8 hours.
  • For those of you that do not have an outdoor space, limit the time you are away so you can come home and relieve your dog.  Or hire a dog walker for the day to allow your dog a break and some exercise.
  • Potty Pads work great too, if your dog is trained to use them.
  • If it is a dog friendly event and your dog gets along with other dogs, take them with you! 

 Staying home relaxing?  Sleeping in, sun bathing and kicking back relaxing at home sound great, but don't let your dog get bored.
  • I know it is nice to sleep in, but your dog needs to use the bathroom, don't forget to keep his schedule as close to the same as possible.
  • Relaxing and doing nothing can be fun for humans and there are some K9's that can get into this too, but for those of you with high drive dogs, this will not do.  Be sure in the midst of your relaxing, Fido gets some play and exercise time.
  • A beach visit or park time can be a great release of energy and adventure for your dog, as well as fun for you or your family.

Finally, just remember to  have fun with your dog and enjoy the extra time with them.  They certainly will enjoy the time with you.

Happy Labor Day everyone, have a safe and fun one!