Wednesday, August 29

Help For Kabang

About two weeks ago I brought you a story of a K-9 hero named Kabang that is awaiting surgery (click the link for the original story).  Since I posted that story, I was contacted by Karen Kenngott, the U.S. coordinator for the Animal Welfare Coalition, to update me on Kabang's situation.

As stated in the original story, the injuries Kabang sustained are horrific and she is badly in need of a life saving surgery.  She remains at risk of infection so long as her snout is missing.  Though she is on steady antibiotics, there is only so long they will work.  But her family continues to love her and treat her as a hero.  Kabang was even honored with national hero status in the Philippines.

So now how to help.  The doctors at UC Davis are ready for her, the transport is almost ready and her family is more than ready for her to get help.  But the money is missing.  Karen contacted me to find out if I could spread the word that Kabang is in need of donations to make this life saving surgery happen. 

All the information is on the website, and you can follow the most update information on the facebook page created for Kabang.

To make it easier for all of my readers, please just bark on the link to donate:  BARK!

I encourage you all to do what you can.  $1, $5, $10, $100, it all helps!  Please help Kabang get this surgery.  It is remarkable that she is alive at all and even more remarkable that her family hasn't given up or euthanized her.  This dog has a lot more life to live, lets all come together and make that happen!