Thursday, August 23

Quick Training Tip

One of the most common issues I address in training is walking.  It would seem this would be easy, but it is not, actually it can be quite complicated.  Especially if there are other issues combined with a dog that has never been taught how to properly walk on a leash.  Today, I will give you a quick tip on how to walk your dog on a leash, please keep in mind this is for a city setting and for a dog that does not have any other issues and knows generally how to walk on the leash.  There are too many variables to address all the issues.

When walking down the street keep your dog on a fairly short leash, or close to you.  I see people walking their dogs at the end of their leash and you have little to no control.  By choking up on the leash and keeping your dog close, you are able to better control where they go and when they go.  Also, for city walking you have much more control with a regular flat leash rather than a flexi leash.  Flexi's are great for the park, beach or hiking, not in the city where you need maximum control.

As you walk, be sure to stop at tree wells and other city approved potty spots for your dog to relieve themselves.  It is a best practice to start your walk by immediately going to a potty spot and then start your walk.

As you pass dogs, keep your dog's focus on you, meaning that you would not allow them to greet every dog they walk pass.  If you know the dog and your dog gets along, by all means stop and say hi, but if it is a stranger dog, keep walking.  You want your dog to be with you, not out to meet every dog and get in the habit of rushing into other dog's faces.  This can be problematic should you run into a dog that doesn't like other dogs.

Don't forget to practice good manners while out and have your dog sit at every intersection before crossing.

So to sum up, keep them close, keep them focused on you and practice their manners.

Have fun walking your dog!

If you are having trouble walking your dog or any other issue, give us a Bark!