Thursday, August 9

Watch Out For The Heat!

Heat can effect your dog before you realize it!  Be careful out there in these rising temperatures, especially for the older dogs and young pups!  It is not just the sun to be worried about, these side walks are HOT, make sure you are not asking your dog to stand or sit in a hot spot for too long.  If you have a young pup, their pads may not be able to take the heat, be sure to protect them!

Below are a few quick tips to remember when dealing with severe heat and your dog:

1.  Keep your home cool.  If you have an air conditioner, the setting should be at about 78 degrees at least and if you do not have an air conditioner, make sure to run a couple of fans and get a cooling pad for your dog to rest on. 

If your dog has access to the back yard or patio/balcony you can set up a kiddie pool for your dog to lay in.  There should only be about 3 inches of water in the pool, and it should be in a shaded area.

2.  WATER!  Make sure your dog stays hydrated.  Take water with you on walks that are 30 minutes or longer.  Stop every 15 minutes or more, depending on your dog, to offer water and take a rest in the shade.  Make sure your dog has access to water all throughout the day.

3.  Walk in the morning and late afternoon or even better, evening.  Most dogs need an afternoon potty break, so try to do this in the late afternoon.  If you are also exercising your dog during this time, take it slow, try to be in the shade as much as possible and don't forget the water.

4.  If you have a dog with sensitive pads or a young pup who's pads are still very soft, you may want to use booties or wax to protect them.

5.  Keep exercise and high energy play to mornings or evenings during the heat.  Your dog can exert themselves quickly and in the heat of the day also may dehydrate themselves, this is when they are at risk for heat strokes.  If you must exercise during the day, do it indoors where it is cool.

I hope these safety tips help keep your pooch safe and cool.