Tuesday, August 14

Help Dogs and Cats of the Homeless

As I sit here this morning reviewing the exercises for tonight's Pooch Parade and preparing what food to order for the humans and getting all the treats in place for the dogs,  I was brought back to a very humbling place by reading a blog from my veterinarian.  The blog was about a new program that Rosemont Pet Hospital is joining, Pets of Homeless Organization.  It is something that we all can contribute to by donating what homeless pets need most, food.  Below is the original blog from Dr. Kathleen O'Dwyer, DVM. 

How often have we come to a stop on a freeway ramp or busy intersection only to see a homeless individual and their beloved canine companion hoping for a donation? I know it happens to me all to frequently-in the car, in Old Town Pasadena, you name it. I find myself wanting to help, but not sure how to do so.  We now have a way to help and invite anyone interested to support the cause as well.

We are proud to announce that Rosemont is a collection site for the Pets of Homeless Organization. What this means is that we collect donated cat and dog food and deliver it to a local distribution site. We will be using a site in Burbank so all donations go to local people and pets in need. The program accepts any kind of dog or cat food-dry or canned, generic, namebrand, you name it. We at Rosemont have also partnered with Hill's Science Diet for the program, and they are donating several cases and bags of canine and feline food every quarter. We have already received their first contribution--thank you Hill's!! We will be making trips to donate once per month, and more often if we collect many pounds of food and run out of storage space!

Here's some information about the homeless that you may not have known:

There are approximately 3.5 million homeless people in the United States, and we know Southern California has a particularly high population of homeless. About 10% of the American homeless population has a pet dog or cat. These pets provide their companions with friendship, loyalty, love, and protection-no different to the way our pets provide these things for us. Often, these pets represent a link to reality, to a difficult past, or to a family member, thus creating a very powerful bond. Many homeless people will sacrifice food or clothing for themselves to care for their pets. Often, the shelters available for homeless families or individuals do not allow pets, and the people choose to remain on the streets to avoid separation from their pets. Fortunately, most people who experience homelessness do so for only a short time. Once they find employment, shelter and a support system, their pets are usually very well cared for.

If you are interested in donating, you can call or email us, or just drop by with a can or bag of food. No donation is too small, every and any contribution will be very appreciated. Also, check out the website for the organization below, it is very informative and details many ways to help. We know our clients are some of the most generous and we know that together we can make a difference. Thanks in advance for your support!! :)


I hope you all can get involved, this is such a good cause.  Even if you just pick up an extra can of food when you are getting your own dog food, it is so easy and so worth while.  You know those dogs and cats will appreciate it so much!

Please click the link above for further information or drop off your donation at Rosemont Pet Hospital, 2550 Foothill Blvd., Suite A, La Crescenta, CA  91214.