Thursday, December 30

25 Pet People Of 2010

Petside named their 25 pet people of 2010.  These are people that did outstanding deeds for pets in the last year.  Many you will know because they are celebrities, like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Paula Abdul and Betty White to name a few.  But there are also some amazing "ordinary" people on this list.  I use the word "ordinary" loosely because given their amazing kindness to animals, I would hardly call them ordinary, but they are not celebrities in the since the others are.  And Michael Vick even made the list.  I know I had harsh words about Michael Vick in a recent blog and I do not take them back.  I applaud the work he does now and I believe he did learn from his horrible mistake.  I do believe in second chances and he has gotten his and is doing good with it, but part of his punishment for his crime was that he never own a dog again and I simply agree with the punishment.  I do not wish continued harm to him, I actually wish him much success and I really hope his message continues to reach people and change people.
This is a fun list to go through and read the wonderful things people did throughout the year.  It certainly is inspiring for the year to come.

To view the 25 Pet People of 2010, bark on the link:  Bark!