Friday, December 10

Dog Helps Save Owner

It seems that more and more stories are coming out about dogs saving their owners or staying with them until they are found.  I don't know if it is happening more often or if we are just hearing about it more.  There is such a special bond between owner and dog and when dogs see their owners in distress the first response is almost always to help.  But our definition of "help" and their definition may be different.  Thinking your dog will run to the nearest home and get help may not be the best way, but to stay by your side protecting you and waiting for help may be.
That is exactly the case with Yogi, a Golden Retriever,  and his owner Paul Horton.  Paul was taking a bike ride as usual with Yogi and went to jump from the dirt path to the road when he endured a horrible crash that left him paralyzed from the chest down.  Yogi stayed by his side until he heard a neighbor walking down the road and he got his owner help. 
Watch the video below for this amazing story.

Happy Friday, have a save and wonderful weekend.