Thursday, December 16

Michael Vick Wants A Pet Dog

I know that at this time of year, I should be forgiving and feel empathy for others, give second chances.  But when it comes to Michael Vick, I don't feel this way.  Hearing him say in the interview video below that he wants a pet dog and that he is an animal lover, makes my skin crawl.  Yes, I know he has been hard at work talking to youth on behave of the Humane Society of the U.S., but I just can't buy in.  What did was beyond wrong and I don't believe he should ever be allowed to own an animal ever again.  I am sorry that this affects his daughters, I hope one day they can have a dog, but not him.  I strongly feel that this has to be part of his punishment, after what he did to all of those dogs, in my opinion he doesn't deserve to ever feel the love, loyalty and compassion from a dog.
Many of you may disagree with me and respect what he has done to turn around his life and feel he deserves a second chance.  My hat is off to you for your ability to forgive.

I will let you all form your own opinion, watch the full interview below: