Tuesday, December 28

Pup Gets Head Stuck In Wall

I was watching the news last night when I saw this story about a German Shepard 8-month-old puppy named Rebel that got his head stuck in a 18-inch block wall!  I guess the curious little guy was sniffing around in his area in Desert Hot Springs, CA and stuck his head through and couldn't get out.  It took Riverside Animal Control Officers a little over 1/2 hour to free Rebel with one working on his head on one side of the wall and the other officer working on his body on the other side.  
Rebel is now safe at home with his owners and is doing just fine.
View the video below:

Though this story is on the cute side, I hope it also serves as a warning for those of you with puppies.  They need to be provided with a safe environment and they are naturally curious so anything they can get into, they will.  It is not to annoy you, it is because they are learning what everything is.  The best way to keep them safe is to define an area that is for them and make sure there is nothing in it to cause any harm.  For more training advice, give us a bark:  Bark!

To view the original story, bark on the link:  Bark!