Thursday, November 8

6 Ways to Help Hurricane Sandy Pets had a list of 6 ways to help pets affected by Hurricane Sandy.  I know we are all looking for ways to help the people and the pets.  It is pretty easy to find a source to help the humans that suffered the storm, but helping the pets have not been that publicized.  Below is the post from, I hope you are able to help in some way, these pets need our help.

The northeast is still reeling from Hurricane Sandy's damage that has left parts of New York, New Jersey and many other states crippled. Amongst those who can be counted as victims of this storm are the animals of those affected. The storm separated many pets from their owners, but even those that were able to stick together are now left stranded without the necessary supplies to get by.
While the hurricane can be considered historically one of the worst storms to ever strike the region, there is good news; despite the devastation, we can help those in need by making the choice to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. For those willing and able to help the animals affected by the storm, we've put together a list of organizations taking donations to aid the storm's four-legged victims.
1. Alley Cat Allies
Alley Cat Allies is dedicated to protecting the lives of the nation's cats, including those affected by this latest superstorm. Visit their website to find out how they are helping out and how your donations will help those in need.
2. Kitty Kind's Sandy Relief Fund
Kitty Kind is a non-profit, no-kill shelter located in New York City. Dedicated to saving the animals in their region, they've set up a special Hurricane Sandy relief fund, of which all proceeds will go towards helping Sandy's victims. Donate to their relief fund on ChipIn to help today.
The ASPCA prides itself on always being at the forefront in the world of animal welfare. The devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy has left many in need, and as such this organization has taken swift action to set up a relief fund to aid affected animals. Visit the ASPCA's donation page to find out how you can help the hurricane's victims today.
4. Humane Society of the United States
The Humane Society of the United States is on the ground as we speak caring for animals affected by Hurricane Sandy, but will need the help of donors to make their efforts a continued success. For those interested in helping out, visit the HSUS donation page today.
Both before and after natural disasters, PETA is constantly collecting funds that will be used to aid disaster victims. Hurricane Sandy qualifies as a disaster, and some of the proceeds from PETA's Animal Emergency Fund will certainly be used to help animals affected by the superstorm. Donate today to lend a helping hand.
6. Petfinder
Various Petfinder affiliated shelters and rescues were affected thanks to the superstorm, and as such Petfinder is providing a database of sorts of New York and New Jersey shelters in need. Check out their shelter listings here and visit each shelter's respective website to donate and make a difference.
By making the choice to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, you are helping not only animals, but the people who are experiencing the storm's debilitating aftermath.