Monday, November 26

After A Long Weekend

It is good to be back after a long weekend away.  I had a great Thanksgiving with friends, but I had to miss out on time with my dog.  I missed him SO much!  It was very apparent that the feeling was mutual as I picked him up this morning from the kennel. 

There are times that humans go and do things that K-9's cannot or should not depending on your dog.  I happened to spend my Thanksgiving in Death Valley camping and though Neville could've come to campsite, he was not welcome in the National Park.

Most everyone there obeyed this, but there were a handful of people that I noticed with small dogs carrying them in certain places that I know dogs were not allowed.  Anyone with a big dog obeyed all the signs, but I also believe that is because we have no choice.  Why is it that little dog owners get to do a lot more with their dogs than we do with our big dogs?

I think some of it is simply they don't get seen, what people do not see, they will not address.  Afterall, it is easy to carry a little Pomeranian in somewhere, it is barely detected.  If I walk my 40lb dog in somewhere he shouldn't be, it is noticed immediately.   I think if the rule is no dogs, then big or small there should be no dogs.  Otherwise, revise the rule to no big dogs.

The reunion this morning made up for it all.  I love it when he is so happy he sings!  I think I may have jumped around as much as he did when we finally made it home.  Now we are onto the being mad at me phase, this will be the rest of the day.  But I will make it up to him!