Thursday, November 29

The Movie "Shadow Trade"

This morning Dogster had a post I am re-posting here about the movie "Shadow Trade".  It is a documentary on the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand, the foundation is working hard to stop the illegal dog-meat trade.  I will warn you that the video included in this blog has some images that are hard to see, but they are the reality of what is happening.  I also want to point out that Thailand is a third world country and many people have no choice but to take whatever job they can to support their family.  I hope you can help this film by helping back it, but if you can't, please forward this to anyone that is a dog lover, like it on Facebook and re-post on Facebook.  We can raise awareness and that is as much of the goal as raising money.

One of our favorite charities, Soi Dog Foundation, is working hard to end the illegal dog-meat trade in Thailand. But accomplishing heroic rescues is simply not enough -- to spare stolen pets from the butcher's knife, there's an urgent need to raise global awareness of the terrible fate of Thai dogs who fall into criminal hands.

(A truck loaded with dogs intended for the meat trade was intercepted by the Soi Dog Foundation.)
An efficient way to do that is through the powerful medium of film. London-based Environment Films is producing a documentary for Soi Dog Foundation called Shadow Trade: The Price of Loyalty. To complete the project, the filmmakers have created a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo, which ends in a few days.

Backing a film made possible through crowdfunding is a uniquely rewarding experience -- but it's doubly rewarding when the movie's mission is to help dogs in desperate need and dire circumstances. "The dog meat trade must end," is this film's to-the-point slogan. We couldn't agree more. And the filmmakers promise that any extra funds that are raised will go toward helping the dogs themselves.

(Soi Dog Foundation suspects many of the dogs were family pets who were stolen and rounded up into cages.)
As the Shadow Trade IndieGogo campaign winds down, show you care by becoming a backer. If that's not in your budget, please help spread the word by giving Trade of Shame a "Like" on Facebook. The dogs of Thailand will thank you.