Tuesday, November 27

Help Tricky Find A Home

I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing dog named Tricky.  Believe it or not, Tricky lives on the street in an industrial area of Downtown.  The equally amazing people that found him and have continued to take care of him have been forced to keep him on the streets as they cannot get him into a car and he gets scared when walking too far away from his "home".  We are hopeful to get him indoors soon, but the trust had to be built slowly.  Also, there is another issue, we know so little about Tricky, we have no idea how he will behave indoors or with cats.

The couple that found him would like nothing more than to keep him, however, they have a few cats and very small apartment.  Tricky is a large Shepherd mix, so they are doing what they feel is best for Tricky, and trying to find a good home.

Tricky is a beautiful, friendly and smart dog.  I believe he belonged to someone at some point and was trained.  He knows a few of the basics, sit, down, heel, and shake.  In the hour that I worked with him, he was so willing to work and learn.  It took a few moments for him to warm up to me, but for a street dog that is pretty amazing.

His size and beauty are something to admire, especially when he runs.  He would be an excellent dog for a hiker or runner.  He is going to need a home where he can get the proper physical exercise and mental stimulation.

If you are interested in Tricky or know someone that is, please give us a bark or call 213.321.6319.