Tuesday, November 6

Don't Forget To VOTE Today!

Election day is here, so don't forget to get out and VOTE today!  I went this morning and the line was long, but everything moved pretty quickly.

I brought Neville with me as he likes to be in on these things, but when I saw how long the line was, I knew he would be too anxious, so I took him home.  When I came back, I was surprised that there were at least two other dogs in line.  At another polling place I passed, there were a few dogs.

I am happy we are including our K-9 friends where we can, I think it helps keep you calm and the crowds happy.  That being said, this something that should only be enjoyed by dogs that can handle this type of environment. 

The important thing today is to get out and vote.  It doesn't matter if your dog is there, what time you go or if you are alone or not, it just matters that you go.

The polls are open until 8pm tonight, so be sure to get out and make your voice heard!  VOTE!