Monday, November 5

Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade!

Have you signed up yet for the Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade?  If your answer is no, you better make your move soon because we are almost out of space! 

This Pooch Parade will take place in the Historical Core District on November 14th @ 7pm.  We will stop in at Pussy & Pooch for deluxe treats from the fabulous Pawbar, prance through the streets, stopping from time to time for fun and educational exercises and at the end sit down at the dog-friendly patio of Portofino Cucina for some nibbles, sips and great conversation.

The Flirting with the Holidays Pooch Parade will be focusing on your dog's socialization with congested sidewalks, leash control around other dogs and humans, and getting your dog's focus on you.  As well, we will have our usual education on the approved potty places and how to get your dog to go there. 

If you haven't sent me an email to get your spot, don't delay any longer, you only have until November 9th to RSVP!

To RSVP now, bark on the link:  BARK!