Wednesday, November 21

Happy Thanksgiving!

The next few days will probably be busy with prepping your big meal and preparing for visitors or getting yourself ready to go somewhere, local or far away.  In all this shuffle, don't forget your dog.  There is more than just Thanksgiving itself, there is Black Friday.  I know many of you plan on leaving the house early in the morning and shop all day.  Just make sure you make the proper arrangements for your pooch.  They will still need their potty breaks, exercise and affection from you.

In all the excitement of the holiday, don't forget all the safety tips.  Keep your dog away from the food and decorations.  If you are putting up a tree this weekend, be sure to watch your pooch with the tree decorations, many look like toys and they are of course very dangerous for dogs (and cats).

Whatever you do, where ever you go, have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving and don't forget to do something special with your dog!

Happy Thanksgiving!!