Thursday, January 13

Art Walk Tonight

Tonight is the first Art Walk of 2011!  I know everyone is excited to welcome back our favorite art event.  It is so nice for our neighborhood to buzz with excitement and people, at least for one night of the month.
If you are a dog owner, a little word of caution, though Art Walk does welcome the pooches to come out, it is really not a safe environment for them.  There are so many people on the sidewalks there is no way to safely get your pooch through them all.  The exception is of course if you have a small dog that you can carry, there is no threat to their safety if they are in your arms.  But for the bigger pups, it can be scary and even dangerous.  I unfortunately witness every Art Walk people out with their dogs walking them through the crowd and hearing the yelps from people stepping on their tails or paws.  Of course no one is doing this on purpose, it is just the product of having so many people on small sidewalks.  
So if you are going to Art Walk tonight, leave your pooch safe in your home.  When it is time for a walk, be sure to keep them out of the heart of the event.  No one wants their dog hurt and certainly no one wants to be the one that hurts your dog.
Have fun tonight and be safe!

For more information on Art Walk, bark on the link:  Bark!